Our First Hour

Sgę:nǫ́ˀ swagwé:gǫh.

Sara and I did our first hour of Gayogo̲ho:nǫˀ on the evening of June 22! We went for a full 60 minutes, doing a combination of free speaking and more structured drills. 

The idea is that we’re following Leanne Hinton’s outline for master apprentice (MA) work, which means we have a couple of things to introduce as we move forward:

1) Leanne suggests establishing rituals with each other as master and apprentice. The idea is that there is something you both do every time you have a session, that you can count on to both learn the language for and set the tone. For example, maybe you always make tea together first and chat, before sitting down for the session proper. Me and Sara have discussed this a bit, but since we’ve only had one session so far, we haven’t established anything yet. We’ll let you know what we come up with! (Granted, we do both really like coffee.)

2) Another idea is that two things increase over time: The length of the sessions, and the amount of time spent in the language. In the book, I think Leanne is assuming that, at the beginning, part of the time might be spent using English, because the apprentice is assumed to be coming in with little or no language. This amount goes up until eventually even your planning sessions prior to your actual MA sessions are done in the language. We spent our entire 60 minutes in the language for our first session, which I think bodes well for having a strong start!

One thing I definitely noticed during our session is that it’s hard! I do have a bit of language to use, but there’s still also a lot that I just haven’t learned or heard, or ever had to say off the cuff. So it’s going to be a learning and improving experience for me as well, just as much as it is for Sara. Working together though, I know we’ll manage to get far!

Tsę nyo:weˀ dęjidwa̲htaǫnyǫ:ˀ!